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Exhibitor Agreement STARSTIX

STARSTIX – agrees to provide 2 - 3 grocery dividers for each full service checkout lane at each of the Exhibitor’s store locations for which STARSTIX shall sell advertising. STARSTIX provides the ability for clients to separate groceries on lane belts.

1) STARSTIX shall pay Exhibitor on a quarterly basis, the sum of $50.00 per month, per store for each location where STARSTIX has paying advertisers installed.

2) This agreement shall remain in full force and effect for a period of three (3) years from the date of installation of the display(s) at each individual store location of Exhibitor and shall thereafter be automatically renewed for like consecutive periods unless either party shall provide notice of termination to the other, in writing, Certified Mail, Return Receipt requested, not less than (10) weeks prior to the end of the each successive period. In the event of termination, STARSTIX acknowledges and accepts responsibility to satisfy all commitments to advertisers, and Exhibitor agrees to exhibit STARSTIX advertising in accordance with the terms of those commitments for a period not to exceed 12 months.

3) Exhibitor agrees during the term of the agreement, or any extensions or renewals thereof, not to accept or display advertising channels of similar nature in any of CHAINS locations. STARSTIX agrees not to accept any advertisements from businesses in direct competition with Exhibitor.

4) Exhibitor agrees that STARSTIX may, at its sole discretion, display STARSTIX Dividers at any or all of Exhibitors locations prior to the placement of paid advertisers, featuring an advertisement to attract advertisers. Exhibitors understands there will be no payment made for the time these promotional ads appear in the store.

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