Face on the Barroom Floor Nomination Form

The Omaha Press Club “Face on the Barroom Floor” honors newsmakers who have had an impact on the community.

Original “Face on the Barroom Floor” artist Jim Horan worked for the Omaha World-Herald in 1971 when he started drawing the “Faces.” All but two of the caricatures — President Ford, and Jim’s own “Face” — were drawn by Horan until he retired in 2019.

The current “Face” artist is nationally recognized cartoonist Jeff Koterba, former longtime employee of the Omaha World-Herald.

The drawings are unveiled during a roast and toast of the honoree that is open to the public. They are then placed on the floor to be walked on and admired until they are framed and join the other newsmakers caricatures on the clubs’ walls. No other press club has anything like the “Face on the Barroom Floor” honor.

“Face on the Barroom Floor” Nomination Criteria

  • Nominees should be newsmakers who have had an impact on the community.
  • The nominee should be a resident or have roots in Nebraska. The person should also be a regionally or nationally recognized person.
  • Considerations for nomination include — but are not limited to — Philanthropic, Political, Reporter, Writer/Journalist, Actor or Media, Community Leader, Business Executive, Athlete, or Coach.
  • The nominee should not be a newsmaker for crimes committed.
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