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Omaha Press Club Membership Types:

Any person whose primary occupation is related to online or offline journalism, media, communications, public relations, photojournalism, marketing, advertising, graphic arts, blogging, website design or other digital pursuits, journalism education or retired from one of these. Dues are $15/month ($180 per year) with no quarterly food/drink minimum.

OPC Individual Membership: Any individual whose primary occupation is unrelated to press, news media, and/or communications. Dues are $40/month ($480 per year) with $40 quarterly food/drink minimum.

OPC Group Membership: Individuals affiliated with a company, corporation, or membership organization, civic group, or other type of organization which has five or more active Omaha Press Club memberships. Includes retirees (unless eligible for Communicator membership). Dues are $15/month ($180 per year) with $40 quarterly food/drink minimum.

Non-Metro: Persons who live and work outside the Douglas/Sarpy/Pottawattamie county area. Dues are $15/month ($180 per year) with no quarterly food/drink minimum.

Note: An additional processing fee applies for online payment. The online payment option includes the processing fee.

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[Note: Payment of annual membership dues does not include club usage charges, including food and beverage charges, monthly minimums (if applicable), etc. These will be billed separately.]

Membership Type:
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Note: Your children, age 21 or under, living with you or solely supported by you, are eligible for privileges of the club, to the extent of your membership.

If my application is approved, I agree to comply with the bylaws, rules and regulations of the club, including prompt and timely payment of membership dues and all other charges. Memembership is on an annual basis from the date of acceptance by the club. I agree to pay membership dues in full for my category. Dues may be paid in cash, credit card, PayPal, or by check, monthly or annually. Please note: Membership applications will be processed upon receipt of payment (either annual dues or first month’s payment). If your membership is not approved, this amount will be refunded to you.