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Antioch Animal Services Admission Request


Antioch Animal Services is the municipal animal shelter for the City of Antioch and operates as a managed intake facility. No pets from outside of the city limits of Antioch will be accepted.

1) Owners considering relinquishing their pets are required to opt for other rehoming options, including our Home To Home ™ website here: https://home-home.org/rehome/ before contacting the shelter to surrender their pet. Owner surrender intakes are by appointment only. 

2) If you want to KEEP your pet but need help, please contact Joybound People & Pets about their Pet Safety Net program at cs@joybound.org or fill out the form below and indicate what services you need. PLEASE NOTE: This email address is not associated with Antioch Animal Services and will not be able to schedule a surrender appointment.

3) Antioch Animal Services will not be accepting any healthy stray cats at the shelter. If you find a healthy cat, please return it to the area where it was found. If you need assistance in spaying or neutering a stray or feral cat or if you have found a litter of kittens, please email admissions.antioch@gmail.com for resources.

4) The shelter is open to the public. However, no walk-throughs of the shelter are allowed. To receive services, you must have an appointment to license your dog, redeem your pet from the shelter or to adopt a new pet. Call (925) 779-6989 to make an appointment.  

Please fill out the following form (one per animal) to submit an admission appointment request for your pet. All fields are mandatory. If the question does not apply, please respond "N/A". Appointments will not be made until the form is completed and submitted.

Contact Information

What programs or services would help you keep your pet? Select all that apply. *
Has this pet bitten a person or broken skin in the last two (2) weeks? *
Has this pet bitten a person before? *
Species *
Pet's Gender: *
Has your pet been spayed or neutered? *
Has this pet received any vaccinations within the last year? *
Does your pet have a microchip? *
Where did you get this pet? *
This pet is: *
Does your pet guard toys, food, bedding, or any people? *
Has your pet received any type of training? *
Are you requesting humane euthanasia? *


Antioch Animal Services
300 L Street, Antioch – Tel (925) 779-6989