Work Order Request (REM-MAINT-01)

If this is an after-hours EMERGENCY, please call our On-Call Emergency Service at (253) 620-3701. 
The online work order submissions allows for a convenient and improved process to allow THA to address the maintenance issues you may be having at your home.  Click here to review THA’s list of what is considered an emergency.  If your request falls under one of the listed categories please contact your property management office during office hours.

Residents are responsible for the cost of services or repairs due to intentional, negligent, or accidental damage to their dwelling unit, Tacoma Housing Authority (THA) common areas or grounds beyond normal wear and tear, caused by the resident, household members, or guests and will be charged accordingly.  An itemized statement will be prepared and presented to the resident by THA management. 

At the time of submittal, you will be asked if THA has permission to enter your home to complete the work order provided in the instance that no one is home.  If we are granted permission to enter, then THA will respond to your request within 10 days.  If THA does not have permission to enter, then your request may be delayed.

Which room is your problem occurring? *
The Entry issue relates to: *
The Kitchen issue relates to: *
The Living Room issue relates to: *
The Bathroom issue relates to: *
The Hallway/Stairway issue relates to: *
The Utility/Laundry Room issue relates to: *
The Bedroom issue relates to: *
The Closet issue relates to: *
The Other/Misc. issue relates to: *
Do we have permission to enter in case that no one is home?: *
**THA maintenance techs will not enter a unit where minors (17 & younger) are not accompanied by an adult
Do you have any pets? *
**Please contain your pet to another room during the time the technician will be working in your home.**

I understand that knowingly supplying false, incomplete, or inaccurate information is punishable under Federal or State criminal law. I will also be required to repay assistance overpaid on my behalf and may be terminated from the program. I certify by submitting this form that all the information I provide to THA is true and accurate, that I am at least 18 years or older, and am listed as a member of the household on the lease. *