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By typing your name in the box above, you hereby agree to the following terms: Tacoma Housing Authority provides the first fifty (50) pages without charge. For each page thereafter, the requester agrees to pay fifteen cents (15¢) per page for any public records photocopied and ten cents (10¢) per page for hard copy records that are scanned into electronic format. If materials need to be copied by an outside source due to volume, current work load of staff, or any other reason, the requester pays the actual amount invoiced by the vendor. The requester pays for any postage and shipping costs for mailing records. If the requester prefers the record saved on a Flash Drive or CD, the requester agrees to pay for the cost of the Flash Drive or CD. No fee shall be charged for records emailed or records inspected. The requester should be aware and is hereby advised that certain statutes prohibit the use of some types of information obtained from public records for commercial purposes. The requester should be aware and is hereby advised that for purposes of this request the term "commercial purposes" means that certain information obtained from the public records requested such as lists of individuals be used to facilitate any activity involving communications with persons named in the public records in anticipation of making a profit.