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Use this page to submit your application for the Stanford University Executive Education program, "AI and Design: Empowering Your Stakeholders with Artificial Intelligence" sponsored by the Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI). Applications are reviewed at regular intervals throughout the application period and decisions will be sent to the email provided below. Thank you for your interest in the program. 
Program Overview
How do we design AI systems that augment and empower people? This program connects human-computer interaction (HCI), the multidisciplinary field that focuses on designing interactions between humans and technology, to the transformative effects of AI so that you can better serve your customers and drive your company forward.
You’ll learn how to use design thinking methods to discover new smart products and apply and adapt the design process for products that integrate artificial intelligence. Through cutting-edge research and business cases, Stanford faculty and industry experts will help you learn to design better products and processes.
No technical AI or computing skills are required for this senior executive program.
Program Fee: $12,800
Dates: September 19-21, 2022
Course Sample Schedule
Full program information, including participating faculty, is available at the Stanford HAI website. 
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