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I understand that I must provide this form complete with all correct information prior to being considered for employment by School of Rock.  I understand that by submitting this information, I agree to a background check, and employement reference check and a any eference check that may effect the decision to employ me.  
I understand that School of Rock  - Vienna, VA , Ashburn, VA or Silver Spring, MD  (“the Company”) may obtain information about me for employment purposes from a third party consumer reporting agency. Thus, I may be the subject of a “consumer report” and/or an “investigative consumer report” which may include information about my criminal history, social security verification, motor vehicle records (“driving records”), verification of my education or employment history, or other background checks.   An investigative consumer report may include information about my character, general reputation, personal characteristics, and/or mode of living, and which can involve personal interviews with sources such as your former employers, friends, or associates. Please be advised that the nature and scope of the most common form of investigative consumer report obtained is an investigation into your education and/or employment history.  I have the right, upon written request made within a reasonable time, to request whether a consumer report has been run about me, and disclosure of the nature and scope of any investigative consumer report, and to request a copy of your report. 

The report may be generated by Universal Background Screening (Post Office Box 5920 Scottsdale, AZ 85261, 1-877-263-8033, www.universalbackground.com) or another outside organization. The scope of this notice and authorization is all-encompassing, however, allowing the Company to obtain from any outside organization all manner of consumer reports and investigative consumer reports now and, if you are hired, throughout your employment to the extent permitted by law. As a result, you should carefully consider whether to exercise your right to request disclosure of the nature and scope of any investigative consumer report. 
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