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Applications for the CEIN/BS program are reviewed 3 times per year. The first deadline is Feb. 17, 2017, second deadline is June 30, 2017 and the final deadline is August 20, 2017 for admission to the Class of 2018. Please contact the UConn School of Nursing with questions at 860-486-1937 or by email at

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Please note: A TOEFL (IBT) exam is required if you were born or educated outside of the United States of America. Permanent residents of the United States who attended English speaking US schools beginning in the 9th grade are waived from this requirement. Applicants born in the following countries are also waived from this requirement: Australia, Canada (except Quebec Province), New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, United Kingdom and the United States.

If you are not exempt from taking TOEFL, the passing scores are as follows. A total score of 92 with the following breakdown: a minimum of 26 in both the listening and speaking sections and a minimum of 20 in both the reading and writing sections. Please have an official copy of your scores sent to UConn School of Nursing, AES office, 231 Glenbrook Road, U-4026, Storrs, CT 06269-4026.

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The School of Nursing may send mass emails to applicants. Please check below if you are willing to give us permission to send mass emails to you about CEIN applications.