Video Assessment Submission

Within 90 days of receiving your first MOSSA release, you will need to submit a video of yourself teaching the program in a live setting to receive an Assessment Certificate of Completion.

Assessment is the process that MOSSA uses to ensure that MOSSA programs are being consistently delivered and delivered according to program guidelines. It ensures the quality of the programs for participants, instructors, and facilities.

MOSSA assessments are technical assessments. They assess an instructor’s ability to teach a safe workout that is compliant to minimum delivery safety standards. They assess safety of the core (or foundational) moves found in each MOSSA program. Additionally, basic programming, timing, and delivery compliance skills are assessed. MOSSA assessments do not assess those additional skills that are indicative of filling group fitness rooms, such as the ability to coach, connect with, or entertain an audience.

What You'll Need to Know for Assessment

We want you to be successful! Before submitting your video for assessment, evaluate yourself using the Assessment Template & Criteria Sheet. These are the resources the Assessment Team uses to assess your video; they are the answers to the test! Ensure you meet all the criteria listed.

  • Click here for Group Active Assessment Template & Criteria Sheet
  • Click here for Group Blast Assessment Template & Criteria Sheet
  • Click here for Group Centergy Assessment Template & Criteria Sheet
  • Click here for Group Core Assessment Template & Criteria Sheet
  • Click here for Group Fight Assessment Template & Criteria Sheet
  • Click here for Group Groove Assessment Template & Criteria Sheet
  • Click here for Group Power Assessment Template & Criteria Sheet
  • Click here for Group Ride Assessment Template & Criteria Sheet
  • Click here for R30 Assessment Template & Criteria Sheet
  • Click here for MOVE30 Assessment Template & Criteria Sheet
  • Click here for 3D30 and Training Series Assessment Templates & Criteria Sheet

There are two possible assessment outcomes:

PASS: You have achieved the minimum qualification standards and are eligible to be covered by the MOSSA product liability clause.

To pass assessment, you must pass the required number of tracks in a program (see below). Passing a track requires that no more than 3 items be indicated as incorrect in that track. Additionally, in order to pass a track, you must demonstrate the ability to deliver correct programming and demonstrate the ability to move in time with music. If you receive a “NO” in either of these fields in a track, you will not pass that track. If more than 4 comments have been indicated as incorrect in a track, regardless of whether you meet the essential criteria to pass a track, you will not pass that track. 


Number of passing tracks needed to pass Assessment

3D30, MOVE30*

ALL tracks

Group Active, Group Groove

8 tracks

Group Centergy, Group Blast, Group Ride, Group Fight, Group Power

7 tracks

Group Core

4 tracks


5 tracks

* For 3D30, a Training Series assessment video must be submitted with 80% of the total assessment criteria met in order to pass.

RESUBMIT: You have not met the minimum qualification standards as you have not passed the required number of tracks. You must resubmit a new assessment video using the same release within 30 days of receiving your results.

Instructors are allowed one additional video submission after receiving their first RESUBMIT for a program. If the instructor receives a second RESUBMIT for the that program, they will be charged $50 to submit for a third time. If the instructor receives a third resubmit, they will have to repeat training in person (at half price) to qualify to submit an additional video.

You may order additional program releases before passing assessment. However, you must be on Autoship and place your order within 90 days of receiving your first release.

Video Submission Requirements

Submit a video of yourself teaching all tracks in a live setting.
Please check the box for each item to acknowledge you have met the requirement, including all program-specific requirements listed under the program you are submitting for assessment.

You must:

Instructor Information

Please note, the first and second Assessment submissions are included in your training fee. Each additional Assessment submission is $50 USD.
card type

Facility Information


The training registration fee paid prior to training (live and online) allow for two video submission for Assessment. If an instructor does not PASS with that video and receives a RESUBMIT two times, instructor will be charged an additional $50 for the next video(s) to be submitted. After three total video submissions, instructor will have to repeat an in-person training in order to submit any additional videos for Video Assessment.
MOSSA will not process your assessment if you are not on Autoship for that program.
For more information on MOSSA's Autoship policy and to make any changes to your account, please click here.
Additional requirement for Group Active:
Additional requirement for Group Blast:
Additional requirement for Group Centergy:
Additional requirement for Group Core:
Additional requirement for Group Power:
Additional requirement for Group Ride | R30:
Additional requirements for MOVE30:
Additional requirements for 3D30:
Once you submit this form, a window will pop up where you can upload your assessment video. 
Make sure your video file is named using the following naming protocol:
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