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PSK Properties Chapter Interest Questionnaire

Thank you for considering the services Phi Sigma Kappa Properties to assist with your chapter housing needs. The purpose of this questionnaire is to obtain fundamental information to help PSKP understand your chapter’s current situation, and determine if we can be of assistance to your group. At the end of the questionnaire you will have the opportunity to fully explain the specifics of your request for assistance. PSKP appreciates and respects every inquiry and one day will be in a position to provide resources to every legitimate request.

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Are you an undergraduate or an alumnus member of Phi Sigma Kappa? *
Does your chapter have any type of shared housing that multiple members live together in and is considered the chapter house? *
Does your chapter have a house that is currently owned by the local Phi Sigma Kappa Alumni Association or Housing Corporation? *
Your current Office within the fraternity: *
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