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This payment form is TEMPORARILY closed.  It will open very soon to accept payments for the upcoming semester.  If this is an urgent matter please email or call 815-977-7560 ext 17.
2019 - 2020 
ACADEMIC YEAR IS $3,550.00 PER SEMESTER NOT INCLUDING INTEREST AND LATE FEES.  Minimum payment due is $1,400.00 PER SEMESTER for the prepayment amount to move in.

Questions email: or
call 815-977-7560 ext. 17 <-- Click to call


·         RB&D due in full September 1st  (Fall) and January 1st (Spring)

·         $50 discount  if paid in full by July 31st (Fall) and December 15th (Spring)

·       1/3 of total due approx 20 days before move in (Fall) and approx 20 days before move in (Spring) if you cannot pay amount in full by the prepayment due dates

·         Interest added monthly after September 1st (Fall) and January 1st (Spring)

        ·         An additional late fee added after December 31st (Fall) and May 31st (Spring)
Thank you!