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Alumni Scholarship / Award Request Form

Which Scholarship / Award are you applying for? (NOTE: Director's performance Award is automatically added for multiple semesters above 3.0 while living in the house if you note it). All applicants must submit a transcript and have at least 12 academic hours at NIU for the semester applying and be a member in good standing at the time the scholarship/award is being issued. *


Alumni Association / Dr. Anthony Fusaro Scholarship Program

Who is sponsoring the PSK Alumni / Dr. Anthony Fusaro scholarship program?
The Phi Sigma Kappa Alumni Association of Northern Illinois University is awarding academic scholarships to promote and encourage scholastic excellence and acknowledge one of our cardinal principles “To Stimulate Scholarship”.  These scholarship awards are named after Brother Dr. Anthony Fusaro.  Dr. Fusaro was the local chapter advisor from 1967 to 1990.  He served our fraternity as National Grand President and National Foundation President.  He currently serves Phi Sigma Kappa as the National Ritual Chairman and Member of the National Court of Honor.  In addition brother, Fusaro was a key member of the NIU Community serving as a Political Science professor, Political Science Department Chairman, and Associate Provost.  Brother Fusaro left NIU in 1990 to become the President of one of Pennsylvania State University's campuses.  Dr. Fusaro finally retired and lives in Lakeland, FL where he continues to volunteer at a local homeless and drug treatment facility as the Director of Development.

Who’s eligible for receiving the PSK Alumni Assoc. / Dr. Anthony Fusaro scholarships?
There are three types of scholarships:
  •  * Highest Member Semester GPA, Highest New Initiate GPA, and the Most Improved Member GPA 
  •  * Academic Excellence Awards 
  •  * Director’s Performance Award recognizing continuous academic achievement.
To be eligible for the Highest Member, Highest New Initiate, or the most improved Member GPA scholarships, you must:
  • Be an initiated member in good standing or, in the case of Highest New Initiate GPA, be initiated in the corresponding semester. 
  • Enrolled/Completed at least 12 hours at NIU for the semester.
To be eligible for the Academic Excellence Awards, you must:
  • Be an initiated member in good standing. 
  • Enrolled/Completed at least 12 hours at NIU for the semester 
  • Live inside the chapter house during the semester the grades are evaluated.
To be eligible for the Director’s Performance Award, you must:
  • Be an initiated member in good standing. 
  • Enrolled/Completed at least 12 hours at NIU for the semester. 
  • Live inside the chapter house during the semester the grades are evaluated. 
  • Receive at least two consecutive Academic Excellence Awards (most improved is NOT eligible if the semester grade is below the 3.0 threshold). 
Individuals will continue to receive the Director’s Scholarship as long as they continually receive an Academic Excellence Award (Highest GPA is included in this requirement). You must remain a Director’s Scholarship recipient continually.  Failure to do so will require the member to begin the process over. As long as the initiated member remains a Director’s Scholarship recipient he will receive the cumulative amount of his term as a recipient (for example, two (2) consecutive semesters=$50, three (3) consecutive semesters $100, four (4) consecutive semesters $150, etc.).  This amount is in ADDITION to the Academic Excellence Award (Highest Active GPA included).
Conditions under which a scholarship will NOT be given:
  • If you have won either the Highest or Most Improved awards at least once. 
  • If you are not up-to-date on your financial obligations to the Alumni Association and the Active Chapter (This would include OMEGA financial balances). 
  • If you fail, in the eyes of the Active Chapter and/or the Alumni Association, to maintain the other two Cardinal Principles of Phi Sigma Kappa, To Promote Brotherhood and To Develop Character.

Who will make the Scholarship Decision?
The awards will be compiled by the PSK Alumni Scholarship Chairman with the help of the Local Chapter Scholarship Chairman and be submitted to the PSK Alumni Board of Directors for a final vote.

What are the Amounts of the Scholarships?
  • Highest Initiated Member GPA = $500 and a plaque
  • Highest New Initiate GPA = $250 and a plaque 
  • Most Improved Initiated Member GPA = $100 and a plaque *
* (Note: Award is given according to semester GPA.  If above a 3.0 and in the house, the normal above 3.0 amount will be awarded.  If out of the house and above 3.0,  $100 will be awarded. If below a 3.0, (in or out of the house) $100 is awarded.  At a minimum recipient, semester GPA must be above a 2.0 in the semester award will be evaluated (i.e., the improved semester must be above 2.0)
Academic Excellence Awards (must have lived “in house” the semester the award was earned)
  • GPA Ranges & Amounts
  • 3.75 to 4.00 = $400 
  • 3.50 to 3.74 = $300 
  • 3.25 to 3.49 = $200 
  • 3.00 to 3.24 = $150
Director’s Performance Award Member is awarded a $50 amount per semester of eligibility.  This award is a cumulative award.

 What are the requirements for the scholarship recipients?
Academic performance is the most important criterion when choosing successful candidates.  However, if the recipient has exhibited conduct unbecoming of a brother to the active chapter or the Alumni Organization, he will be excluded from obtaining the stipend.  This will include past debt and property damage.  All final decisions are made by the Alumni Association.  All appeals should be made in writing to the Alumni Scholarship Chairman within the semester the award is given to
In addition to the preceding eligibility requirements and conditions:
  • Candidates must submit the online scholarship request by February 15th (Fall) & June 15th (Spring).  Any and all late submissions will NOT be accepted
  • Official Transcripts must be collected by Active Chapter Scholarship Chairman
  • Official Transcripts must be verified by Active Chapter Advisor & Alumni Association  Scholarship Chairman
  • All members are subject to and must abide by the Northern Illinois University Students Code of Conduct 
How do I start the process to get my scholarship


When will all the winners be announced?
When all records including eligible members' transcripts have been received, the Alumni Board Scholarship Chairman will compile a list that will be voted on by the Alumni Board.  After the vote, the Alumni Scholarship Chairman will inform the local chapter of the awardees. At that point, the monies will be deposited into an account and the recipient(s) will be either be provided a check or have funds deposited into their bursar's account.  Plaques may be handed out to the winners at an appropriate date.

Who do I call if I have any questions?
Questions may be addressed in writing only to the Alumni Board Scholarship Chairman at or call 815-977-7560 ext 13.


Incoming Student Scholarship Program

The Incoming Student Scholarship Program (ISSP) was designed to assist incoming male students with the financial challenges that go along with their first semester at NIU.  We offer two scholarships. One for incoming first-semester male freshmen and one for incoming first-semester male transfer students.  This scholarship is sponsored by the Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity undergraduate chapter and the Phi Sigma Kappa Alumni Association of NIU.  Please review the requirements and fill out the application via the provided link below.  We hope your first semester at NIU is successful.  Questions email us at or call 815-977-7560 x64


  • No initiated member of Phi Sigma Kappa is eligible to receive this scholarship.


REQUIREMENTS - MUST meet THREE (3) of the following criterions

  • 1) Cumulative 3.0 or higher GPA from the most recent academic institution
  • 2) ACT score of 21 or higher
  • 3) SAT score of 1050 or higher
  • 4) Leadership Role in a student organization (i.e., President, Captain, Committee Chairman, etc.)
  • 5) Be enrolled as a full-time student (12+ hours) at NIU for the fall semester (Mandatory Requirement)

  • ISSP (incoming freshman) = minimum $500.00 to qualified winner
  • ISSP (transfer student) = minimum $500.00 to qualified winner


Applications will be accepted from July 1 through September 15. We reserve the right to modify the application dates without notice.  Anyone who meets the above requirements is encouraged to submit their application. You must provide an official transcript from the most recent academic institution prior to receiving an award. Once all the applications are received they will be reviewed by the ISSP selection committee. The committee will evaluate each application on its own merit and determine the top finalists in each category. These finalists will be forwarded to the PSK Alumni Association board president for final selection.  The winner(s) will be notified via email first and invited to a reception towards the end of the semester to receive their award(s). Phi Sigma Kappa reserves the right to amend the qualifications and/or requirements at its sole discretion.



Other Scholarships / Awards Program

Please continue to be directed to the other Scholarships/Awards we offer. 

Herb Eldean Scholarship

Supplemental Questions

  1. Are you an active member of the Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity?
  2. Would you consider yourself to have an entrepreneurial spirit? Explain.
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General Information

Welcome to the Phi Sigma Kappa Pi Pentaton Alumni Association's Scholarship Request Form. 

In order to receive scholarship money from the PSK Alumni Association, you MUST submit this request no later than February 15 (for the previous Fall Semester) and June 15 (for the previous Spring Semester).  If you miss these deadlines you will NOT be eligible to receive any funds.  Any questions please first {click here to read the rules} then email the Alumni Scholarship Chairman at

IMPORTANT:  You will be required to provide a verified copy of your transcript.  At some point, after filling out this request you will be notified of how to provide a copy of your transcript.

REMINDER / IMPORTANTThis form is used ONLY for PSK Alumni Association of NIU Scholarships/Awards. Please note that some scholarships and awards are NOT provided by the PSK Alumni Association.  You will be redirected when appropriate. 
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