PSK Social Event Agreement



As an officer of the chapter you accept the obligation and responsibility of insuring the chapter follows the Risk Management policies of both Northern Illinois University and Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity. To this end you attest and affirm that you will insure that all members sign this agreement. 

You accept the responsibility for this event and will be personally held accountable for ALL activities and incidents that occur.  Further, you will be personally charged $500/ea if ANY of the below agreements are violated by any member.  Further, you waive your right to protest and/or fight this $500 charge if assessed by the alumni association. Moreover, the alumni association and/or the chapter advisor can leivy this fine to each of the chapter officers and social chairman without warning based on observations or feedback from the event.  Further, I understand that the alumni association may modify this agreement in writing at anytime due to situational changes.


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