Depositing into the Murdoch Research Repository

How do I deposit my research publications?

  • Read and sign the Repository Deposit Agreement. This is a one-off agreement that asks for the right to store your works and make them publically available.
  • Send an electronic copy of the work(s) to (see below for which version to send)

Repository staff will:

  • check the policy of the publisher to determine if deposit of material into an institutional repository is allowed;
  • request permission to deposit the work from the publisher if no policy or agreement terms exist;

Important note - send us the 'accepted manuscript' not the publisher formatted PDF

While publishers will generally not allow the deposit of a publisher formatted PDF file into an institutional repository, the majority will allow you to deposit your own final version (also known as the 'accepted manuscript').

The 'accepted manuscript' is the final document that you create - as accepted for publication and incorporating any changes following refereeing and editing - but without any of the publishers' formatting, pagination, layout etc.


Repository Deposit Agreement

This form is for Murdoch researchers wishing to deposit research publications (journal articles, conference papers and book chapters) into the Murdoch Research Repository.

The form only needs to be completed once. You will be notified by Repository staff if there are any extra requirements for a particular work.

  1. I give Murdoch University the right to store my research publications and make them permanently available online to the public for free.
  2. I understand that there is no transfer of copyright ownership when a deposit is made to the Repository.
  3. I understand that publisher agreements may include provisions assigning my copyright to the publisher which could restrict making the work publically available in the repository. I understand that Repository staff will ascertain and abide by current publisher policies regarding institutional repositories prior to making the full-text of such material publicly accessible.
  4. I warrant that all third party copyright material has been clearly identified and acknowledged within the text or content of my works and any necessary copyright clearance to use the material has been obtained.
  5. If a work is based upon material that has been sponsored or supported by an agency or organisation other than Murdoch University, then I represent that I have fulfilled any obligations required by such contract or agreement.
  6. I warrant that the content of my works are not defamatory and do not contain personal information about another person.
  7. I understand that Murdoch University reserves the right to remove content from the Repository at any time for any reason.
Please complete the statement below:
, have read and agree to the terms of the Repository Deposit Agreement.