Great Turtle Brewery & Distillery Application for Employment

Great Turtle Brewery & Distillery, the newest and only craft brewery and distillery located on beautiful Mackinac Island is currently accepting applications from motivated, enthusiastic service professionals for seasonal positions. If you love to create memorable experiences for dining guests, this is the place for you.
To ensure proper consideration, please fill in the information below completely and accurately.

Personal Information

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Employment History



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I hereby authorize all employers for whom I have worked in the past to furnish any information which Great Turtle Brewery & Distillery may request concerning my past employment or activities and I hereby release all such employers from any liability in connection therewith.


I authorize Great Turtle Brewery & Distillery to use its personnel or any investigative agency to investigate my employment record, health, education, criminal conviction record and financial record.  I also authorize all my employers and former employers, references, credit reporting agencies/bureaus, medical representatives to provide Great Turtle Brewery & Distillery with all records and information relevant to my employment application with Great Turtle Brewery & Distillery.  I release all parties who provide such records or information from all liabilities arising from such disclosures.  Furthermore, I waive any rights to notice of such disclosures.

I have made true, correct and complete answers and statements on this application in the knowledge that they will be relied upon in considering my application for employment and I understand that any omission, false answer or statement made by me on this application or any supplement to it will be sufficient grounds for my discharge. *