2018-2019 Goal Getter Reward
Community Service Project
Summary Form
Congratulations on striving to be a Goal Getter and earning your free week of camp!
In order to earn the Goal Getter reward you must complete the following:
1. Sell 6 Magazines & More items and 30 Nut/Candy items during the 2018 Fall Sale (October 1-21) *
2. Sell 175 packages of Girl Scout Cookies during the 2019 Initial Order (January 12-February 3)
3. Complete a Community Service project by February 1, 2019 with a minumun of 3 service hours and submit a summary form by February 5, 2019.

*If you did not participate in the Fall Sale, you must sell 550 packages of Girl Scout Cookies during the Initial Order period.

Please complete this form in its entirety.  If you would like to include a photo of your project, please email it separately to goalgetters@gsnnj.org and include your name and troop number in the email.
Thank You!
Janet, Judy & Michele
Your GSNNJ Product Sales Team