Foster Application

Thank you for your interest in fostering for A Rescue Tail (ART). We are an all species, all breed rescue that strives to rehome as many displaced animals as we can. However, we cannot do it alone. Fosters help to make our dream reality! 
Please fill out the below listed form, and a member of our staff will be in touch within 48 hours. 

Personal Information

Do you own your home? *
If renting, rent to own, or living with family-does your lease allow pets?

Please tell us about your family, and pets

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Pertinent Questions

Please list your current or past Veterinary Clinic: 
Have you ever been convicted of/charged with animal cruelty? *
Please Note: ART does not guarantee the breed of any animal we intake. Is there a specific breed of animal you would NOT consider fostering? *
How would you describe your household? *
How long are you willing to foster? *
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Foster Expectations

Please check each box, to demonstrate your understanding and agreement. 
Physical Appearance *
Care and Safety *
Sanitation *
Feeding and Watering *
Medical Care and Records *
Needs and Supplies *
Extended Time Away *
Adoptions and Meet and Greets *
Transport and Outings *
Expenses and Reimbursement *
Art agrees to:
Additional Information:
A Rescue Tail (ART) reserves the right to terminate a foster agreement at any given time. This means, if ART feels that an animal is not receiving appropriate care, is displaying behavioral issues, or is left alone for extended periods of time, A Resue Tail may demand return of the animals in your care. You agree to return all ART foster animals, without fail, harm, or challenge upon request. You understand that legal action will immediately be taken should you participate or allow the abuse of, surrender, dumping, transfer, sale, unapproved adoption or negative training of an ART animal. You also understand that A Rescue Tail takes every possible precaution to ensure your animal passes temperment testing. However, we cannot guarantee how an animal may respond in your home. A Rescue Tail agrees to keep a working relationship with all fosters, to ensure communcation, forethought and the well being of all A Rescue Tail animals. 
The terms and conditions found herein are contractually binding. Should A Rescue Tail be required to seek judicial redress for breach of contract, the responsible party shall be responsible for all associated costs, fees, expenses, and fines associated with the legal process and its ramifications. 
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