Lockdown Security On-Site Appointment Request Form

June 18, 2021 Update

Product training after installation does still have limitations, but restrictions for this have also been eased (so it is available now). Product questions or concerns can also be directed to us via email, phone, or text message. We are also offering Skype, Zoom, and Youtube video training sessions (if required).
If you would like to have Lockdown Security install one or more of your vehicle's electronic devices at your location please fill out the form below and we will contact you with a date and time for your appointment.
Note: We will call/email you to confirm this appointment request. If your requested date and time is not available, we will also discuss alternates with you. 
Please be advised that we require a deposit for all on-site appointments. Deposits are also required if any products or parts are to be ordered for your appointment. The deposit is applied to your overall invoice when the service is completed. When we call/eamil you to confirm your appointment, we will process your deposit via credit card over the phone, or in person if you come into our location.