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Concert Wear
All freshman must purchase concert wear (Men: black tux, Women: black dresses). The prices differ based on used/new items and you will be billed later.

Color Guard Participation Contributions and Donations

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Band Family Cookout on Aug 9 @ 5pm (Pre-order closed 8/7/19)

Upon completion of local band camp on Friday, August 9, we will be giving everyone a sneak peek of the opening to "Synesthesia: The Color of Sound"!!!  
We will also be having a wonderful time of community and food with Mr. Yoder's BBQ cookout. We will have the meal in front of the North Gym beginning at 5 pm. The show will begin on the field roughly around 6 pm. 

Be sure to buy your tickets. Band and Color Guard Members do NOT need to buy a meal, but all others do. Come welcome your children home and have a delicious bbq -- invite family and friends too! 
The preorder is closed, but you can still buy meals for $10 each at the door of the event.  Please bring cash or check, as we will be unable to process Paypal or credit cards at the check-in table.

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