2022-2023 Adv Orchestra Registration (9-12)

Please contact (call or text) Octavia Thuss at 626-818-7062 with immediate questions regarding this form.  If you are not in a hurry, please email Octavia Thuss at othuss22@gmail.com .  We want to be sure your registration experience is trouble-free.  Thank you!  

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Advanced Orchestra Contribution (due 9/31/22)

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Concert Wear
All freshman and sophomores must purchase concert wear (Men: black tux, Women: black dresses). The prices differ based on used/new items and you will be billed later. Please expect to pay about $150 for tux and $60 for dress.
At this time there is no plan for this activitiy, but we will be informed if plans change. The cost of this activity is always separate from registration and we will be billed at a later date if we go. 
San Diego WorldStrides Festival
March 23-26, 2023
There will be a parent meeting in the Fall with information about this trip.
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