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 PAWS  for Excellence 

The PAWS for EXCELLENCE Award Program is an employee to employee program. These awards will allow all of us to recognize the many random acts of exceptional service that our fellow employees offer on a daily basis. I hope that all employees will begin to recognize one another by completing PAWS for EXCELLENCE forms and submitting them to Human Resources. Please direct all questions about the program to Human Resources.

This program is designed to recognize random acts of exceptional service along with other items as listed below. Such acts should be beyond the normal depth and scope of one's daily work. The acronym defines the parameters of the award:

P - Professionalism and Pride in the University
A - Above and Beyond
W - Winning Attitude
S - Star Service

When you want to recognize a co-worker for any of the above reasons, simply complete the electronic form below.  Completion of the form requires the name of the person to be recognized along with the department where the individual works, a brief description of the reason for such recognition, and the name of the person making the award. The original of your award will be printed and sent to the person you are recognizing. Beyond the satisfaction of recognition, each employee will receive the attractive canvas duffel bag shown below upon receiving ten (10) PAWS for EXCELLENCE Awards.

PAWS Duffel

Sharon Picus
Executive Director of Human Resources

Please complete this form to submit your request for a PAWS Certificate.

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