Unit 356 Partnership Requests

To post your partnership requests to our website, please fill out the forms below. For further information contact our partnership team Doug and Sherry Cain at cainds2@comcast.net or Jack Shoemaker at shoejack20@gmail.com  (719-331-0394)
After completing your request, please use this link to review or edit your submission and to see which players are searching for partners.  https://fs7.formsite.com/res/resultsReportTable?EParam=vIGmKZCQ4HoqpCG-Uscnbo0cY6pBKanVSUdf0IpxUOUMGsQ9MfcQqAO5sN7MQuuHfZd-zdJG-GUXOlQJnCcOeg
To delete your posting please email: shoejack20@gmail.com
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