Unit 356 Partnership Requests

To post your partnership requests to our website, please fill out the forms below. For further information contact our partnership team at u356partnerships@gmail.com
After completing your request, please use this link to review or edit your submission and to see which players are searching for partners.  https://fs7.formsite.com/res/resultsReportTable?EParam=vIGmKZCQ4HoqpCG-Uscnbo0cY6pBKanVSUdf0IpxUOUMGsQ9MfcQqAO5sN7MQuuHfZd-zdJG-GUXOlQJnCcOeg
To delete your posting please email: shoejack20@gmail.com

Tucson Spring Sectional

Events and Days Seeking a Partner
Thursday April 18
Friday April 19
Saturday April 20
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