Student Recommendation

Dear Teacher/Guidance Counselor,
You are recieving this online form because your student is applying to the B.E.S.T. Academy; a medical summer program that prepares high school students to become health professionals.
Thank you for supporting this student as they pursue an opportunity to help them prepare to become a health professional. To help us get a very objective character reference of this student please be so kind by filling in the information below. The deadline is March 30th, 2019
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Recommendation Information

Based upon your professional opinion, please rate the applicant according to the following scale: *
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Interested in learning
Asks insightful questions or makes comments that show a grasp of the material
Mature for his/her age
Shows Teamwork in Classroom Activities
Grasps new information quickly
Possesses Emotional Stability
Has the ability to work with peers and students from other disciplines
Overall a good fit for this program
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Make any inquiries at or 813-892-2182.Your insights and recommendations are carefully considered. Thank you very much for your feedback and assistance.