Please let us know how we can better serve you! We are in the process of creating our 5-year long range plan.

Have you received any kind of assistance from our office in the last 5 years? (guidance, cost-share, rental, etc.) *
What services do or would you use from Putnam SWCD? Check all that apply. *
What is your main natural resource concern?
Do you think Putnam County farmers are doing their part to help protect our natural resources?
If you are a row crop farmer, do you soil sample?
In your opinion, what are your thoughts of these practices for helping improve water quality?
 Strongly disagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly agree
Nutrient Reduction/Placement
Water Management (WCS, Wetlands, Ponds for surface runoff)
Cover Crops
Conservation Tillage/No-Till
Buffer Areas
Floodplain acres taken out of crop production
What would you like to learn more about or have access to? Check all that apply.
What is your preferred method to receive outreach information? Check all that apply.
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