Access Management and Security Agreement

ID Badge and Access Management Assignment for Employee's, Contractors, Students/Interns, Vendors and Visitors: 

• You are required to wear your official HFH Staff ID Badge and Access Management Key Card at ALL TIMES, and in a way that it may be easily viewed by others.

• In order to help maintain building security, all employees should prominently display their employee identification badge. Contractors who may be at a Health Center site are provided with a unique identification badge, if it is deemed necessary. Other visitors who may be within a Health Center site should be wearing visitor badges and should be chaperoned at ALL TIMES by a health center employee. This includes, but is not limited to, family members that may be visiting a HFH employee.

• All HFH staff and contractors are forbidden from gaining access to any area of any health center site unless prior access has been granted and assigned accordingly. Any unauthorized access, or method of access, to any area, office or storage area by a staff member or contractor can be immediate grounds for termination.

• All health center site access is monitored and audited for compliance and security purposes.

• Access management to health center sites, and all restricted areas within a health center site, is specifically given by HFH leadership on an as-needed determination. As such, not all staff have equal access to all doors and technology resources. If a staff member feels he/she should be granted access to an area of a health center site that he/she does not currently have access to, a request must be made to a member of the technology staff, or to your direct supervisor. Unauthorized access is never acceptable or permitted under any circumstance.
By signing this agreement, I agree that I have read and understand the provided information in regards to access management and security at HOPE Family Health.
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