New Construction Order Form (Florida Only)

Select Coverage: *
Additional Coverages (Years 2-4)
Additional Coverages (Years 1-4)

Buyer Premium Upgrade
Haul Away (up to $100)
Disposal (up to $250)
Code Violations/Permits (up to $250 per contract period)
Water Heater Expansion Tanks
Failures Due to Lack of Routine Maintenance
Failures Due to Sediment
Bathroom Exhaust Fans
Dish Racks & Rollers
Window Air Conditioning Units
Appliance Handles & Knobs
Emergency Window Air/Portable Heating Units/Emergency Lodging (up to $150 on window air/portable heat, $100/night for max of 5 nights for emergency lodging if   window air and/or portable heat not available)
Up to $1000 aggregate per contract period

Enhanced HVAC Plus

Condensate pump
Crane use (up to $250)
Failures due to lack of routine maintenance
System modifications to bring non-failed parts into R410a compatibility (up to $500 per contract period)
Initial refrigerant charging up to $20 per pound
Refrigerant recapture/reclamation (up to $250)
Labor concession for items covered under manufacturer warranty
Haul away (up to $100)
Disposal fees (up to $250)
Up to a maximum aggregate of $2,500 per agreement period. 

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