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Project Contact Person *
Project Time Frame  *
What sort of human resources are needed for this project? (Please select all that apply) *
What is your availability to meet with our students - if they chose to work on your project ? (Please select all that apply). It is important that all sponsors accommodate students work and school schedules. *
Which of the following you can facilitate to our students - if they chose to work on your project?
(Please choose all that apply). It is important to support relatively large expenses in commuting to your site - including parking  *
Would you be able to participate in our sponsors presentations event (Open House) to our students which will be held on-campus.  This is a mandatory requirement for partcipation. It is also a great opportunity for sponsors to make their projects more visible and understandable via a live & direct presentation to  students and enhance their chances of getting their projects selected. Please note that every presentation session will have a different group of students.

The capstone and RWC are based on industry engagement inside the classroom and at industry site. Would you be able to attend your in-class students team presentations for your project? (After your project is selected, your team will present your project deliverables and prototypes in class in an evolutionary fashion during the semester almost every two weeks (sprint) - as scheduled. Students will make four or five key presentations in total including the final showcase. Sponsors are required to attend Sprint 3 (midterm) IN-CLASS and Sprint 4 (showcase) @ NJIT and expected to meet with their teams independently on Sprint 1, 2 and 3) (Other necessary alternatives must be approved by instructor in-advance)

     Sprint 1 - Independently with teams

     Sprint 2 - Independent directly with teams

     Sprint 3 - Midterm Presentations -IN-CLASS

     Sprint 4 - Capstone Final Presentations as a Public Showcase

In addition to our team-based project courses, are you interested in offering part-time or full-time jobs to our students? *
As a project sponsor, please check all what apply regarding your approach to work with our students and program.
(This is crucial in our review process to make sure that we create the best experiences possible for students and select the most caring sponsors about students education and careers) *
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