Fearless Ministries Volunteer Application - Kennedy Catholic Oct 22, 2022

For adult chaperones and volunteer staff over 18.

In addition to this form, for your first retreat with us, you must also submit a background check form before you can participate in any Fearless Ministries, Inc. sponsored retreat. (This must only be done every five years.)  You will be able to download, print and sign as well as upload the form to this application. You will also be asked to go through Safer Spaces training if you have never had the training elsewhere. The fee for the weekend will be paid for you so there is no charge, but donations are always welcome!
Thank you for answering the call to bring the souls of the youth to the foot of the Cross in the Eucharist at Fearless Ministrires Retreats...

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Have you ever volunteered at Camp Veritas, or at a Fearless Retreat before? *

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