Name That Tune!
Music drives the experience and makes us MOVE! Our Program Development Team scours music from many genres: from classic to current, from rock to pop, from disco to techno. We also rely on your passion and love of music.
We appreciate all song requests, and we want you to know how we use them. Current hits are easy for us to find; the MOSSA Program Development Team and our music producers already have lists of all songs that are currently charting. We even have lists with songs that are rising up the charts and soon to be popular. If a current hit single would be motivating exercise music, then we most likely already have it on our list (and if we haven’t used it, it probably doesn’t have the exact “specs” for exercise music).
The most helpful song suggestions are the ones that are NOT currently on the charts because these are harder to find. These might be songs that were big hits in previous decades, or even a current song that was not released as a single so it’s not on the charts. We treat these song requests like “gold” because they lead us to those those hard-to-find hits!
Your input is very valuable, especially because music is such an important part of the group fitness experience. We have received a lot of requests for songs that have been produced for other MOSSA programs, and we can’t always reuse them. We hope this helps you understand how we use song requests so that you can make the most of Name That Tune!
For which program?