OCT23 Film Fest Registration

April 10 - 21, 2023

Participant Information

Our goal is to provide an inspiring and professional learning environment for all participants at Film Fest. The minimum age to attend and participate is 16 years old.

Participant Agreements

Please reveiw and complete the MOSSA Film Fest Participant Agreements before you arrive for Film Fest.

Participant's Facility Information

What is your position at the facility?
Will you be joining us for our Management Breakout Session on Wednesday, April 19 (5:30pm-7:00pm)?

This breakout session is for owners, managers, and group fitness directors who want to learn and workshop our advice and best practices relative to instructor recruitment and social media marketing.

The OCT23 Presenter Team!

Tiago K. ~ Valerie K.
Jeffrey P. ~ Natalie W.
  Tracey D. ~ Tiago K.
  Valerie K. ~ Bethany M. ~ Beth Marie O.
  Nikki F. ~ AJ H. ~ Cathy S.
  Leslie B. ~ Kelly F. ~ Shelesha K.
  Gael G. ~ AJ H. ~ AJ J.
Megan J. ~ Mike L.
  Nikki F. ~ Mike G. ~ AJ J.
Megan J. ~ Mike L. ~ Laura R.

Rehearsal & Filming Schedule

Monday, April 10
Group Ride - Rehearsal (10:00am)
R30 - Rehearsal (12:00pm)
Tuesday, April 11
Group Ride - Filming (9:00am)
R30 - Filming (11:00am)
Thursday, April 13
Group Core - Rehearsal (12:00pm)
Friday, April 14
Group Core - Filming (9:00am)
Monday, April 17
Group Centergy - Rehearsal (12:00pm)
Tuesday, April 18
Group Centergy - Filming (8:15am)
Group Active - Rehearsal (12:00pm)
Group Groove - Rehearsal (2:00pm)
Wednesday, April 19
Group Active - Filming (8:15am)
Group Groove - Filming (10:30am)
Group Power - Rehearsal (1:30pm)
3D30 - Rehearsal (3:30pm)
Thursday, April 20
Group Power - Filming (8:15am)
3D30 - Filming (10:30am)
Group Blast - Rehearsal (1:00pm)
Group Fight - Rehearsal (3:00pm)
Meet & Greet (5:30pm-7:00pm)
Friday, April 21
Group Blast - Filming (8:15am)
Group Fight - Filming (10:30am)
Pizza Wrap (12:00pm)

Event Registration

Please select the Rehearsal(s) & Filming(s) you would like to attend.
PARTICIPATE - Select the Rehearsal(s) & Filming(s) you would like to participate in
WAITLIST - Select a full event to be placed on the waitlist
OBSERVE ONLY - select events you would like to watch only
Monday, April 10
Tuesday, April 11
Thursday, April 13
Friday, April 14
Monday, April 17
Tuesday, April 18
Wednesday, April 19
Thursday, April 20
Will you be joining us for the MOSSA Meet & Greet (5:30pm-7:00pm)?
Friday, April 21
Will you be joining us for the MOSSA Pizza Wrap (12:00pm)?

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