St. Alphonsus Mass Intention Date Request

Those wishing to honor a loved one during the celebration of Mass may use this form to request a Mass Intention. Mass intentions are made for the living and deceased and provide opportunities for prayerful remembrance of anniversaries, birthdays, and other special intentions. 
The faithful make a free will offering, often $15, to St. Alphonsus Parish in order to apply the Mass to a specific intention. By making this offering, the faithful associate themselves more intimately with Christ who offers Himself in the Sacred Host, and obtain thereby more abundant fruits (refer to Pope Paul VI's letter "Firma in Traditione" of June 13, 1974). Upon confirmation of your Mass Intention date, you will be invited to make a free will offering. 

After you submit this form, Parish Office Coordinator, Nora Ramirez, will be in touch to discuss next steps. If you have questions for Nora, please contact her at 773-525-0709 or

Mass Intention Request

Requester Information

Mass Date Request

Please note three choices for dates on which you would like Mass to be celebrated in honor or memory of your loved one. Please note, in the event that your preferred date(s) is not available, our Parish Office Coordinator will reach out to offer alternate dates. A copy of this form will be returned to you indicating the actual date that the Mass will be celebrated.