Camp Mather Donation Form

Thank you for your generous donation to the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department's Camp Mather!
For your records, the tax identification number of the City and County of San Francisco's Recreation and Park Department is 94-6000417. You will also receive a formal acknowledgement letter from us via mail in the near future.
If your donation is $100 or more, please complete the donor disclosure information below, for our compliance with the City's Sunshine Ordinance.
Financial interest:
The Sunshine Ordinance requires that a department that receives a gift of money good or services with $100 or more report any financial interest that the donor has involving San Francisco City government. Please check the appropriate box or boxes below that describe your financial interest(s) in the City: *
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*The San Francisco Sunshine Ordinance (San Francisco Administrative Code Chapter 67), as approved by the San Francisco voters in 1999, provides that:

 SEC. 67.29-6. Sources of Outside Funding

No official or employee or agent of the city shall accept, allow to be collected, or direct or influence the spending of, any money or any goods or services with more than one hundred dollars in aggregate, for the purpose of carrying out or assisting any City function unless the amount and source of all such funds is disclosed as a public record and made available on the website for the department to which the funds are directed. When such funds are provided or managed by an entity, and not an individual, that entity must agree on writing to abide by this ordinance. The disclosure shall include the names of all individuals or organizations contributing such money and a statement as to any financial interest the contributor has involving the City.