WCC Rising Star Award Application


The following examples are intended as a guideline for nominators.

Demonstrated excellence or leadership role in:


  • uncovering basic principles having impact beyond the nominee’s immediate field
  • may include potential to address pressing societal needs


  • developing or identifying innovations or key components with commercial potential
  • licensing or commercializing innovations
  • either developing or applying basic principles to product innovation


  • basic research similar to the academic sector
  • applied research similar to the industrial sector


  • track record in identifying, training, funding or otherwise fostering the development and translation of research to positively impact societal needs
  • creative application of chemistry to nontechnical fields, e.g., art conservation

Other: Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • actively engaged in commercializing chemistry- intensive innovation: her own or licensed from others
  • identifying or licensing innovations with commercial potential, commercializing technology
  • any other chemistry-intensive activity
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Employment Sector *
If Academia, your institution is which of the following?


We ask you to provide this voluntary informaiton below because the American Chemical Society is eager to support programs that benefit underrepresented groups in the chemical sciences, and your responses are helpful to these efforts and to all facets of our services to all members. Individual responses are held in the strictest confidence and have no bearing on consideration. 
Citizenship Status
Racial-Ethnic Origin

NOMINATION INFORMATION -- In PDF format please and NO embedded documents.


I certify that the information provided in this application is accurate and that I meet the criteria as stated in the award qualifications to the best of my knowledge. *

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