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ACE Volunteer Pre-registration: Transforming Microaggressions into Microinclusions

Thank you for your interest in completing the course, Transforming Microaggressions into Microinclusions. Please complete the form to pre-register for the course. Unfortunately, due to low registration numbers, we have canceled the remaining sessions for October, 2022. Please use this form to indicate your interest in participating in a session for Q1 and Q2, 2023. 
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Have you completed the course Leading Inclusively: Beyond Lip Service?

This course was offered virtually via Zoom in 2021, and must be completed before registering for Transforming Microaggressions into Microinclusions. *
Please select your current ACS role. If you currently serve in multiple ACS roles, please choose only one. * 🛈
OPTIONAL: As we prepare to schedule sessions for 2023, we'd appreciate your feedback on the days and times that would best fit your schedule. Please select from the options in the matrix below and we will do our best to meet those requests.
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