Student Intent to Register for Internship Practicum

The Intent to Register Form has been designed to allow students to pre-register or commit to internship practicum prior to registration. This form will allow OEL and department faculty to prepare and predict the number of opportunities needed. It also alleviates the pressure of having to register immediately when students may not have the financial ability to do so until the last minute. NOTE: This form does not guarantee registration or approval to register for an internship.
Which semester do you plan on participating in an internship? *
Are you willing to accept an unpaid internship? - Please note answering no doesn't prevent you from receiving a paid opportunity. *
Have you received approval from your Department Chair to enroll in an internship course? *
Have you completed 75% of your degree requirements? *
Are you an International Student (in US on a F1 Visa) *
Do you have reliable transportation? *
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