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Instructional Design
Workshop Questionnaire

You can help improve the quality of IDS workshops by letting us know what you liked, what might be improved and what you would like to see in the future in terms of topic offerings and format for delivery (face-to-face, online, video, etc). Please help us improve our training by taking a moment to complete this brief questionnaire.

About the Course

Please rate the session you attended to see if we accomplished these goals.  
Session objectives were clearly stated
Session pace was appropriate
Instructional materials were useful (handouts, online resources, reading materials, etc.)
Activities were relevant and useful

About the Presenter

Please rate the presenter of the session you attended to determine if they practiced learner-centered instructional techniques.  
Presenter kept me interested and engaged
Presenter adapted session to participant needs
Presenter helped me understand how the topic was relevant to my work.
Presenter provided at least one opportunity for involvement and interaction.
Presenter provided examples to help me understand concepts.


This session prepared me to (check all that apply):