ACC Internship Agreement - Student Portion

Section 1
Student - please complete

NOTE - please review all the information below before keying in your answers.  Please do not complete the form until you have all of the information.  Leaving the form and returning later sometimes creates errors within the form and it will not work properly.

Please complete ALL the information in fields below, if you do not know the answer to some of the requested information please consult your Internship Instructor for your program area or Employer Site Supervisor.

Please note this agreement must be completed immediately upon the acceptance of an internship. Failure to do so by the census date (12th class day) will result in the student not receiving academic credit for the internship.

A copy of this form will be send to both the Internship Instructor and Internship Site Supervisor for verification and approval.


Enrolled Internship

Auto Tech/Outdoor Pwr Equip

Computer Information

Engineering Tech/Elect
Human Services
International Business
Logistics/Supply Chain
Music Business
Office Administration
Radio-TV Film

Summer 2019 Internship/Practicum Courses/Instructors/Emails

Accounting/Jay Thibodeaux
Auto Tech/Outdoor Pwr Equip/David Chavez or Mike Shoebroek or Mike Hall or Jimmy Godfrey
Biotech/Amy Tjandra Leksana -
Computer Information/Kelly Gafford or Masood Salami
Culinary/Ellen Sternau
Engineering Tech/Elect/Alberto Quinonez or Laura Marmolejo
Heating/A/Max Landry
Hospitality/Tourism Liz Hundley
Human Service/Michelle Shuler or Denral Morrison
International Business/Logistics & Supply Chain/Management/Joy Nicholas
Music Business/Geoffrey Schulman
Office Admin/Jane Billingsley
Radio-TV Film/James Froeschle

NOTE: If you do not see your instructor listed here please notify our office -512-223-7005/ or your instructor

This Internship is *
STUDENT - By completing this form, I agree/understand the following:

1) That I am not entitled to benefits or workers compensation.
2) I have no expectation of further employment at the end of the internship.
3) That I may be required to undergo a criminal background check and drug testing.
4) I will maintain confidentiality of company documents and information.
5) I understand that I am representing Austin Community College and I will act in a professional and ethical manner at all times.
6) That failure to complete this agreement will result in not receiving academic credit for the internship course.
7) I will notify my instructor of any changes or problems that may develop during the on-the-job internship experience.