Teaching & Learning Academy Application:

Teaching & Learning Academy 

Anchored in ACC Faculty’s Values, developed for faculty by faculty, and supported by the resources of TLED with assistance from the Office of Distance & Alternative Education, the TLA provides an opportunity for faculty to expand their teaching practices. The TLA is designed to support faculty on evidence-based andragogy strategies and approaches, reflective practice, and teaching innovation.

The TLA is open to all ACC faculty who have taught at ACC for two semesters (part-time/full-time). This can be across multiple years, and does not need to be consecutive semesters. It can be any combination of spring, summer and fall. 

Application Deadline: Friday, June 28th, 2019 (11:59pm - CST)

Please contact Gale Spear at gales@austincc.edu if you have any questions.  

The Teaching & Learning Academy Program

Kick-Off Retreat: September 13th, 2019 - 8am - 5pm. Optional: 5pm - 7pm (hors d’ouerves, cash bar, and fun networking). Academy faculty are expected to attend.

The Academy has four courses. Each course is a 15-hour commitment for faculty participants. Four of the weeks of each 5 week course includes two hours of an online course module and an additional hour to explore resources, complete a brief reading, and participate in a discussion with colleagues. The fifth week is a 3-hour face-to-face meeting dedicated to faculty sharing, learning, reflecting and collaborating with each other about course material and the art and heart of teaching.

Fall 2019 Course Topics & Meeting Dates

Teaching to the Brain  - 5 weeks: September 14th  - October 18th, 2019

Designed for faculty to learn more about pedagogy. Faculty will examine innovative teaching strategies supported by research within the fields of cognitive psychology and the neuroscience of learning.

Face-to-Face Meeting date:  Friday, October 18th from 8am (breakfast 8:00-8:30 am) to 11:30 am.

Building a Community of Learners  - 5 weeks: October 19th - November 22nd, 2019

Provides faculty with evidence-based strategies for building a community of learners, in which all students are welcomed and included, whether in a face-to-face or online learning course environment.

Face-to-Face Meeting date: Friday, November 22nd from 8am (breakfast 8:00-8:30 am) to 11:30 am.


Spring 2020 Courses and Course Meeting Dates

Engaging Students for Learning  - 5 weeks:  January 31st – March 6th, 2020

Designed for faculty to learn more about teaching strategies that engage students and deepen  student learning of course outcomes in face-to-face and online courses.

Face-to-Face Meeting date: Friday, March 6th from 8am (breakfast 8:00-8:30AM) to 11:30am.

Assessing Students’ Learning - 5 weeks:  March 23rd – April 24th, 2020

Designed for faculty to examine the uses of assessment evidence-based practices and strategies to enhance student learning.

Face-to-Face Meeting date: Friday, April 24th from 8am (breakfast 8:00-8:30am) to 11:30am.

Compensation and Recognition

Upon successful completion of the TLA, participants will receive a stipend of $1200.

Scholarships to NISOD, the Lilly Conference, or SXSW.edu will also be provided. If preferred, a scholarship to another local conference that strengthens teaching may be possible. Participation in one of these conferences is optional.

Participants will be recognized by the Provost and by TLED as a Champion of Teaching and will receive digital badges for each course completed.

Faculty Information

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Supporting Information

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Participant Agreement

By applying to the Teaching and Learning Academy, I agree to participate fully by:

  1. Attending the Kick-Off Retreat and the four face-to-face course meetings
  2. Completing all course modules, brief readings and online discussions
  3. Writing brief reflections on three TLA courses describing what was learned, how it can be implemented in your courses; and the impact from the TLA courses on your teaching practice;  these reflections maybe used in your teaching portfolio
  4. Designing a professional development plan
  5. Participating in surveys evaluating the TLA program and courses
  6. Understanding I will receive disaggregated outcomes (grade distributions based on ethnicity and gender) for sections taught to be used for reflection on my teaching and professional development plan.

The following 3 agreements will be used only to determine what impact, if any, participation in the TLA has for ACC’s Strategic Plan Goal Two: Persistence and Engagement. Individual faculty outcomes will be confidential and available only to the faculty member and the TLA. Results will be presented in the aggregate only.

While enrolled in the TLA and the semester subsequent to completing the TLA, I agree to the following:

  1. Participating in surveys to evaluate teaching self-efficacy
  2. Understanding my students will complete a brief survey at the end of each semester, which will examine students’ perceptions of their engagement, active and collaborative learning in the class, and faculty-student interaction
  3. Understanding that the TLA will collect grade distribution results for the sections I am teaching for three semesters to determine changes, if any, in success rates.


By signing below, if I am selected, I agree to be available for all the dates listed above, and to participate fully in the Teaching & Learning Academy as described above in the Participant Agreement. *

Department Chair and Dean Information

So we can let your dean and department chair know you've made the commitment to enroll and participate in the TLA, please complete the following information.


The deadline to apply for the Teaching and Learning Academy is Friday, June 28th, 2019 (11:59pm - CST). Faculty will be selected and notified by Tuesday, July 2nd 2019.

If you have any questions about the Teaching and Learning Academy, please contact Gale Spear, gales@austincc.edu .