Application for Financial Aid to Attend Scottish Weekend
Scottish Weekend (SW) promotes Scottish Country dancing; provides attendees with instruction in Scottish Country dancing; and provides the opportunity to participate in social Scottish Country dancing programs. The SW Scholarship Program was developed to give financial assistance to academic students, new dancers (6 months experience minimum), more experienced dancers in need of financial assistance to participate, and musicians learning techniques for playing SCD music.
Your application for assistance is due to the SW registrar by August 1: Fred Eustis, 2118 Pine Ave., Windsor Mill, MD 21244. All applications will be reviewed by the SW Scholarship Committee by August 15. Awards will be made based on funds available for scholarships, established need of the applicants, and benefit to both the applicant and the Scottish Country dancing community. Be as complete as possible in filling out this application. In addition you are required to get a letter of recommendation from your Scottish Country dance or music teacher. Please provide your teacher with the following link to the Teacher Recommendation form or a physical copy with a stamped/addressed envelope, and ask her/him to mail the recommendation directly to the SW Registrar, Fred Eustis, 2118 Pine Avenue, Windsor Mill, MD 21244.
SW Scholarship Teacher Recommendation
Scholarship recipients should be willing to help with small camp jobs during the weekend. They should expect to be contacted by Scottish Weekend's volunteer coordinator. Your time preferences are: *

Personal/Contact Information