Scottish Weekend 2019
SW 2019 Registration
Please complete one form per applicant
Questions? Contact:
Amy Cummings-Leight, Chair -215-723-8531
Ned Leight, Co Chair - 215-723-8531
Bill Wallace, Registrar - 301-706-6004
website: Scottish Weekend
Information about SW 2019 location
Camp Louise
24959 Pen Mar Road
Cascade, MD 21719
Please note that some of the forms (such as "cheat sheets" and schedule) are still in development.  Please check back later for updated information.  Also, the registration packet information will be updated soon - please check back for that information also.

Financial Aid Applicants Only

I plan to apply for financial aid
Note that all financial aid applicants are requested to pay a $50 deposit.  This deposit will be refunded if full financial aid is awarded by the financial aid Committee.
A link to the financial aid application will be sent after registration is submitted.

SW 2019 Registration

Registration Options and Costs for SW 2019
Registration Fees:          Bunkhouse     Cabin
                                                Adult Dancer or Musician      $350          $385
                                                Adult Spectator:                            $225          $260
                                                Teen (13-18):                                         $215          $250
                                                Child (12 and under):                   $165          $200
                                        $50 Deposit option available, with balance due by August 1
Note:  If you only want to make a donation to SW, please select that option below.  You will not be registered for Scottish Weekend.
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