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WMEA Professional Development Matching Funds Grant Completion Form

GRANT WINNERS – After the activity, each grant winner shall submit this Completion Form and receipts, by June 15 of the current fiscal year; submit a brief report on their activity to the Windsong in the first issue after their activity; share with their colleagues by providing workshops for teachers at the building, district, or state level; and be acknowledged annually at the WMEA State Conference Banquet.
Grant Awarded *
This grant is for UP TO $500 in matching funds. You will receive a cash award comensurate with half of your total expenses.

You will receive payment, by check, once all materials are received. If you have any questions regarding this grant, please contact:
Brian Redmond
WMEA President-Elect
Wyoming Music Educators Association
1740 Dell Range Blvd, Suite H-146
Cheyenne, WY 82009
PH (307) 760-7813    FAX (307) 460-7354