Wyoming Music Educators Association

WMEA Professional Development Matching Funds Grant Application

PURPOSE – The Wyoming Music Educators Association shall provide two financial grants to individual WMEA members to be used to offset travel and/or registration expenses for education related professional development activities.
ELIGIBILITY – Any current member of the Wyoming Music Educators Association in good standing, may apply. The successful applicant shall be notified in writing.
REQUIREMENTS – Applicants shall complete the application form, detailing information including dates, times, location and specifics of the professional development. Applicants shall provide proof of matching funds by school district, other entity or self in an amount equal to or greater than the request up to $500.00.
AWARD – Two grants of up to $500.00 each shall be awarded biannually, one in fall and one in spring. A selection committee appointed by the WMEA President shall solicit and screen applicants, inform the grant recipients and Manager of the award, and ensure that grant information is current and correct in all WMEA publications.
GRANT WINNERS – After the activity, each grant winner shall submit the completion form and receipts, by June 15 of the current fiscal year; submit a brief report on their activity to the Windsong in the first issue after their activity; share with their colleagues by providing workshops for teachers at the building, district, or state level; and be acknowledged annually at the WMEA State Conference Banquet.
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This grant is for UP TO $500 in matching funds. In order to receive the maximum $500, you would have to spend $1,000. Should you spend less than $1,000, you will receive a cash award comensurate with half of your total expenses.
I understand that proof of an in-kind match of up to $500 is required before funds will be released. *
I understand that no payment will be made until I have submitted the WMEA Grant Completion Form. *
For more information or any questions regarding the grant, please contact:
Brian Redmond
WMEA President-Elect
Wyoming Music Educators Association
1740 Dell Range Blvd, Suite H-146
Cheyenne, WY 82009
PH (307) 760-7813    FAX (307) 460-7354