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We welcome applications from all qualified individuals.  Please note that mentors are determined through a brief selection process that is guided by program capacity and objectives.  

Please fill in the form below and the Stakeholder Engagement Manager will be in touch with you soon. If you have any questions about the form or program, please contact:

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Voluntary Self-Identification
How will artsvest use the information provided? Voluntary self-identification information may be used to: generate statistics to measure how well artsvest programs are reaching members of equity groups; ensure there is diverse representation; gather information to help artsvest design, review, evaluate and improve its programs, plan outreach activities and targets, reporting to B/A Board, Committees, and Regional Funding partners. *
Which area of mentorship are you interested in? Check all that apply. If there are other fields of expertise that you can offer that are not represented here, use the "Other" field. Please note that a minimum of 5 years of experience is required for each area. *
Please indicate if the experience and expertise that you have selected are specific to the arts & culture*
Please indicate your level of expertise in the following content areas of Corporate Sponsorship*
 Not an ExpertSome ExpertiseStrong Expertise
Pitching / Sponsorship Proposals
Please indicate your level of expertise in the following content areas of Marketing*
 Not an ExpertSome ExpertiseStrong Expertise
Developing and leveraging your brand
Audience development and retention
Public Relations and promotion
Social Media marketing and strategies
Please indicate your level of expertise in the following content areas of Board Governance*
 Not an ExpertSome ExpertiseStrong Expertise
Board Roles, Governance Models, and Dynamics
Board Recruitment
Board Orientation
Board Diversification
Board Bylaws and Legal Requirements
Board Role in Fundraising
Phase V of artsvest is committed to serving equity-seeking groups and communities. Do you hold expertise in any of the following areas? Please indicate your level of expertise: *
 Not an ExpertSome ExpertiseStrong Expertise
Cultural Pluralism in the Arts
Cultural and Social Sensitivity in the Arts
Working with Indigenous Organizations/Artists
Working with Francophone Organizations/Artists
Working with Organizations/Artists in Northern Canada
Working with Organizations/Artists in the Maritimes
Working with Organizations/Artists in Remote or Rural Areas
Working with systemically under-served communities
Working with racialized communities
How long have you been engaged in roles/activities relating to your primary area of mentorship? *
What mentoring formats are you able to partake in? *
What term length are you interested in volunteering with artsvest for? *
How many hours per month are you able to contribute to mentoring*? *2 hours/month is the minimum commitment during active months of mentorship. This includes preparation time for sessions. *

Please provide us with two references that we can contact:

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Privacy Policy: The information provided in the form above will be used for the sole purpose of assessing mentorship candidates and facilitating the mentor-mentee matching process. No private information that you provide will be disclosed without your consent.

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