Application For Vintage Motorpsorts Council (VMC) National Competition License

After you submit this application, your "Home" racing organization will be asked to verify;
--You are a member in good standing.
--You are NOT under probation or suspension.
--You are qualified to race wheel-to-wheel.
--And they will be asked to confirm the date your race physical was taken (Assuming they have it on file).
When they confirm this info to us, your VMC License will then be issued.

Hints for filling out this application:
You'll be asked to UPLOAD a copy of your Medical Exam (PDF) and also to UPLOAD your "Mug shot" picture.
  Please have those files handy on your device before starting so you can easily locate them to upload. 

Note: Your Medical Exam date can be no older than one-year ago. 

If you wish, you can skip the upload steps and send them later via email or by U.S. Snail Mail. (After completing this online application, you'll get email or USPS instructions if needed.)

After answering all questions you'll be asked how you wish to pay the required $25 Application Fee. We acceot  payment by PayPal, Credit Card, or a Check (Instructions for mailing a check will follow.)

Hit "Next" to proceed with the application.