Held At Orchard Mesa Lanes in Grand Junction, CO

Personal Information:

Phone: 1-844-321-8100
Email: info@tatbowl.com
Web:   www.tatbowl.com
FaceBook: jamiepmcwilliams
If you bowled the TAT NE in 2020, only fill out required sections *

Select your Squad Time(s)

Select Qualifying Squad Time(s)

Check in Starts 45 minutes Hour Prior to each squad
Cut to Finals after every 2 squads or 3 squads Saturday afternoon.

$99 Entry Fee, $99 Re-Entry

October 9th, 2021 Cut to finals and re-oil after 12PM & 7:00PM
October 10th, 2021 Qualifying
If you select more than 1 Squad Re-Entry discounts will be applied to your total by TAT staff.
Phone: 1-844-321-8100
Email: info@tatbowl.com
Web:    www.tatbowl.com
FaceBook: jamiepmcwilliams
TAT FINALS SUNDAY October 10th 4:30PM
Select Coolwick Sweeper Squad Time(s)
October 8th, 2021 Sweepers
No Tap & Scratch Sweepers (Scratch bowlers can't bowl No Tap)
$40 Entry Fee, $20 Re-Entry

Billing Address (If Different then above)

Credit Card Information

Click Here for Coolwicj Brochure & Rules
5% Tax on all Credit Cards
3% Tax on all Debit Cards
Zelle: info@tatbowl.com

NOTE: Your card will be charged by the TAT Staff and we
will apply credits or discounts to your total BEFORE charging
Signature Required- I have read TAT's STRICT eligibility rules
Mail Checks to:                                                       
Phone: 1-844-321-8100
Fax:     1-541-935-9563
Email: info@tatbowl.com
Web:  www.tatbowl.com
FaceBook: jamiepmcwilliams
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