Team/FIT level or practice quantity changes

Depending on availability, it's easy to switch to a different level or day option! Make sure to consult with a coach before making any level switches.

(This isn't the cancellation form. If you need that, please see here for Team and here for FIT.)

Changing Levels? Updating Credit Card?
Switching from Monthly to Yearly plan?
(Month to Year change must be before Feb. 1st)
Choose your options below or write it out in the comment box!

SwimFIT member paying $150 to cover USA Swimming fee and participate in Away Meets *

The prorated difference for your changes will be applied back to your house account if left over or charged to your card if a balance.

Alternatively, you can just update your credit card on file this way! Just include in the comment box above that it's just an update of the one on file.