Below you can register online for SwimFIT. Submitting this registration form does not guarantee your class choice, we will contact you to confirm your registration and class availability. One registration form per student. Please fill out all * Required Fields.

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Submitting this registration form does not guarantee your class choice. We will contact you via email to confirm your registration after we have manually entered your forms.

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Class Pricing

SwimFit classes are paid for by the calendar month. If you are joining after the 1st week of the month, we will prorate the month based on the number of lessons remaining.
Current pricing and class duration 
45 Minute Classes  
SwimFIT: Please read carefully (POLICIES)

1.     Registration Fee: $35 (Annually Per Student – Non-Refundable).  The annual registration fee is due at the time of registration and will need to be renewed for the swimmer one year from the initial registration date.  If continuing lessons beyond your 1st year, the $35 registration fee will automatically be charged to the card on file on the registration anniversary.  Registration fees are waived for 3rd+ family members.

2.     Price Structure: SwimFIT is $25 per practice, pre-paid at the beginning of the month, based on how many practices there are in the month.  ALL PAYMENTS ARE NONREFUNDABLE because the payment secures the spot.  If joining after the 1st of the month, then the monthly fee is prorated based on the number of lessons remaining.  The total monthly charge will vary based on how many practice days there are in the month, and can be up to $250 a month.  If there is a holiday closing, you will not be charged for the closing.

3.     Automatic Payments: Once enrolled in SwimFIT, the credit card provided at the time of registration will be automatically debited on the 1st of each subsequent month. A card MUST be provided to keep on file.  If the balance is not paid in full by the first of the month, we will contact you via phone and email to collect payment. You must make your monthly payment before the first practice of the month. Failure to provide the monthly payment by the 7th at the latest will result in removal from SwimFIT. There will be NO refunds on any practices paid at ASA for any reason.

4.     Important Information: Your swimmer’s enrollment for the time and days chosen is theirs indefinitely until a completed withdrawal form is submitted to remove your swimmer from practice.  See Withdrawal Policy below.  We cannot guarantee that you will have the same coach throughout the year. If you need to switch the level, day, or time, you may do so at any time as long as there is availability in the option you wish to join. You cannot make option changes once you have submitted your withdrawal notice. You cannot mix option choices.

5.     Withdrawal Policy: To withdrawal from SwimFIT, a written withdrawal form is due by the 20th of the month with their last practice being at the end of the paid month. This form is found online or in our retail store.  Our program is perpetual, meaning we will assume you want to continue with SwimFIT and the credit card on file will be automatically debited on the 1st of each subsequent calendar month (Non-Refundable). If you fail to turn in the withdrawal form by the 20th of the month, your card on file will be charged for the entire subsequent month.

6.     Missing Practice Policy:  There are no refunds or credit for missed practices.  In order to receive a makeup for a missed practice, you must give a notice of at least 2 hours before you miss.  Options 1 and 2 can receive 4 makeups a month, Option 3 can receive 2 makeups a month.  Swim Fit makeups are not guaranteed and based on availability.  You have 60 days from the missed practice to schedule the makeup.  Makeups do not carry over to future enrollments nor do they transfer to siblings. Makeups expire 7 days after withdrawal.

7.     Required Equipment:  Goggles, fins and a swim cap are required.  Girls must wear a one piece swim suit and boys are recommended to wear jammers instead of trunks.

Policies *
$35 Registration Fee (Annually Per Student – Non-Refundable)
Monthly Class Price:

Billing Information


Photo/Video Release

PHOTOGRAPHY: Atlanta Swim Academy often takes pictures and videos of participants for our website photo gallery and program promotion via print ads or social media. By signing below, you understand and grant ASA permission to use pictures and videos containing you/your child(ren), and understand you have no right or claim to the images. *

Pool and Facility Rules

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Participation and Release Agreement

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