Swim Team or SwimFit Withdrawal Form

One form per Swimmer
*Form must be submitted before close of business on the last working day of the month, including holiday closures, as your end date may affect your monthly billing.

Withdrawal Reminder: When withdrawing you are releasing your space and it may not be available when signing back up in the future.

Early Withdrawal Options
If supplying the 30day advance notice, you don't need to select an Early Withdrawal option below unless you're on Swim Team's Yearly track.
SwimFIT requires a 30day advance notice to withdraw. If you supply the 30 days advance date, then you don't have any "early withdrawal" fees. To withdraw before the 30 day notice date, a 50% monthly tuition fee will be charged or taken out of your month's prepayment.
Swim Team's Yearly pricing customers will owe a 3 month tuition fee if withdrawing before the end of season. The Monthly track pricing members can give a 30 day advance notice to withdraw, or pay 50% of their monthly tuition for early withdrawal. Give us a call with any questions.

MONTH-TO-MONTH PRICING TRACK FAMILIES: I would like to pay the Early Withdrawal Fee of half my tuition rate and withdraw as of today. This may be taken out of your prepaid monthly tuition, with any remaining balance placed on your house account for 6 months.
FULL-YEAR-PRICING TRACK FAMILIES: If withdrawing prior to July 1st, you will owe 3 months tuition and CANNOT swim during that time. If you have to withdraw due to medical or emergency reasons, please consult with Jenny or Owen.


Withdrawal Policy

I understand that I am forfeiting my space on the ASA Swim Team or SwimFIT by sigining this form.
I understand that if I have failed to submit this form at least 2 weeks before the 1st of the subsequent calendar month, I will be charged the full monthly tuition and will not receive a refund for this charge.

I understand by checking this box will serve as my electronic signature to the above agreement. *